Habitat for Humanity

This month we're featuring one of our great non-profits, Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that works to provide affordable home-ownership to the community. With approximately 1,100 locations across the country, Habitat has been changing lives for years by giving people the opportunity to own their own home. Habitat for Humanity creates this opportunity through a process of steps. To be eligible for homeownership one must prove that they have a need for a new living arrangement. They must also have a reliable source of income, and decent credit history/financial status to be able to pay their mortgage. Then one must go through classes/training with Habitat, where they will be educated on money management and other important factors in being able to afford and maintain a home. 

In order to make this possible, Habitat for Humanity relies on the help of volunteers and community support. With 75% of their funding being local, most of their houses are made possible from those dedicating their time and effort. Habitat is always looking for volunteers to help build or donate, and to sign up you can leave a message at 931-823-1710, or contact Oliver Wood at the Cookeville office at 931-528-1711, extension 2. Habitat also aims to hire as many local subcontractors as possible, if you would like to be considered, contact 931-319-4630. Habitat is also always looking for affordable lots to build on, if you have any information on a possible opportunity please contact any of the numbers mentioned. For any additional information, you can visit uchabitat.org as well. Habitat for Humanity hosts many fundraisers and donation opportunities throughout the year, including as Rock the Block (a neighborhood cleanup event) and Givingston, a furniture donation program. Habitat also has their Neighbor2Neighbor program, where they focus on repairing the housing needs of seniors in the community. Given this, and their initiative to build affordable housing to the community, Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit that truly changes and impacts lives.

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