Restored & Co.

Most small businesses start at humble beginnings and build themselves up through hard work, passion, and dedication. One of the best examples of this journey is Restored.

Located on Livingston's Square alongside The Pickers Palace, Restored is a female-run, faith-based business that has come a long way from where it started. Restored's origins first began in 2017, when owners Jennifer Shaw (left in 1st picture) and Amanda King (right in 1st picture) met each other. Amanda made custom signs and calligraphy, and Jennifer enjoyed refurbishing/painting furniture in her spare time. Upon becoming friends, the pair decided to participate in their first barn sale in Spring of 2018 (the OC Barn Sale to be exact). From there, they began their own booth within the Picker's Palace, and over time have expanded to owning half of the inventory. From quitting their corporate jobs to becoming successful business owners and bosses, Jennifer and Amanda have encountered many surprises, challenges, and triumphs along the way. However, they remain reliant on God  and restored in their faith to pave the way for whatever is to come.

And on that note, big things are coming to Restored! Upon February of 2021, Restored will have its own building, located at 103 E. Court Square, Livingston. They will specialize in home decor, gifts, clothing, faith-based items, custom furniture services and more. However, Amanda and Jennifer still take to heart that they started local at barn sales, and plan to continue those as well. Restored is so excited to remain on the beloved Courthouse Square, while also expanding for their customers. So come explore Restored today, and to have the chance to hear the great story of this inspirational, self-started business.

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